“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”


– Jim Rohn



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What’s To Learn?


You will learn a complete methodology and discipline: THE TIME FREEDOM TRADING system.


The course material is built from 20+ years of investing and trading expertise; detailing what works and what does not.


Profits in the stock market are not just for the rich or sophisticated wall street investor.


The main street investor can outperform wall street from home with the TIME FREEDOM TRADING methodology and strategies taught in the class.


Through on demand instruction, guided study, paper trading exercises, as well as 1:1 coaching and guided homework, you will learn to build your own TIME FREEDOM TRADING process that fit’s your ability and risk tolerance.


Once mastered, TIME FREEDOM TRADING will allow you to earn time freedom and build generational wealth. There is nothing else required.

“IF you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done!”


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30+ Hours

Videos, tutorials, & exercises


Online learning via On Demand

Plus monthly group sessions,

with Live Coaching included


Subscription and Life time License

options available

based on course(s)

About the Course


With over +30hrs of On Demand instruction plus monthly live coaching, the Time Freedom Trading course will focus on exposing you to all the  fundamental elements of the U.S. stock market to give you a solid understanding of the market indexes, sectors, and industries,  as well as criteria for building yearly trading and investing portfolios suitable for trading and investing in long term holdings.


As a Time Freedom Trader, you will learn how to trade options as well as stocks. You will also gain the proper skills and discipline for charting technical indicators with strategies for consistent entries and exits to predictably compound profit while applying proper risk management to grow wealth.


This course gives you the opportunity to learn through proper practice and paper trading in every class to see the markets in three dimensions (3D)  with real trading strategies that can be applied as your trading abilities grow.



  • +30 HOURS of On Demand INSTRUCTION to learn a “complete system” for time freedom.The  course will empower you with a complete system for trading and investing to take the guesswork out of profiting in the markets. Once completed, the course material will expose you to the true possibilities of time freedom through trading and investing in the market step-by-step, so you know exactly what to do.


  • TOOLS, TEMPLATES, TUTORIALS and STRATEGIES you need to take action. The course includes a course manual / workbook, ondemand access to digital tools and templates, as well as video tutorials with examples and application configuration for further review..


  • A COMPLETER TRADING and INVESTING PROCESS that works for any trading and investing style. Regardless of BULLISH or BEARISH markets, you can use this course to trade and invest in any market and build  financial independence to lay the foundation for a family legacy of wealth.


  • FINANCIAL KNOWLEDGE that will demystify wall street earnings and profits and empower you and your family with a legacy of investment knowledge to manage and grow your wealth for today, tomorrow, and the future  that you can pass down to your kids and future generations.


  • INDIVIDUAL 1:1 COACHING for further review and comprehension.

Upon completion you will gain real investing & trading skills to:


  • Profitably trade stocks and options
  • Gain technical charting techniques and analysis
  • Correctly use options for leverage
  • Properly asses risk before you trade
  • Learn to see the market in three dimensions (3D)
  • Use prudent money management to maximize returns
  • Invest in Long Term Holdings for income & asset appreciation
  • Maximize tax deferred accounts for generational wealth
  • Empower yourself with a positive trading mindset



The better question to ask is… WHY NOT?


  • At some point in your life your will need to live off of your investments (ie. retirement).  Are you ready? If not, when is your when?
  • Will you have the knowledge, process and skills to manage it effectively, before you need it?


Or are you trying the “wait & see,”  or  “I hope it will be enough” strategy?


This course is for those who want to empower themselves with TIME FREEDOM: The ability to compound wealth for life!


Our online learning program is crafted with your specific needs in mind; The need to build a profitable and scalable source of  income and wealth from home.  This course combines e-learning with live, interactive sessions to strengthen your skill-set as your knowledge and experience grows throughout the course while maximizing your time.


We combine market knowledge, with market wisdom and practical trading and investing applications.  This will minimize your learning curve and allow you to master  a proven system that you can leverage at will. By committing to become a Time Freedom Trader, you will avoid many of the pitfalls of the uneducated retail traders or investors.


You will learn how to navigate Wall Street from the inside with a proven system that can truly provide you with financial freedom and time freedom.  Upon completion, you will receive  the most coveted accreditation; the ability to have unbridled financial independence.


Its an amazing journey!

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