In real estate, you lock your profits in when you buy… not when you sell.

The true value of an asset is what somebody PAID for it. (assuming no depreciation) 

  • Not what someone will buy it for.
  • Not what the bank  appraises it for.
  • Not what the local taxes appraises it for.

You must assume the market price for an asset is pure speculation until someone pays for it at a specific price at a specific time: specifically right now.

Until then… the projected price is HOPIUM. 

Fundamentals are HOPIUM. Don’t get sucked into projections. Projected values can change at any given time and are based upon assumptions. A CEO can have a blow out quarterly earnings call, and say something off the cuff on the earnings performance that gets all the analysts twisted.   Then the analyst down grade the stock and  thus the  stock price gaps violently over night. This is reflecting what somebody is willing to pay for itRIGHT NOW not what the CEO projects or what the past Qtrly performance dictated.  This is why when trading a stock… you NEVER EVER hold through earnings!


Trading as a TIME FREEDOM TRADER, TIME is your most valuable asset. THE TIME RIGHT NOW…. not someday.   Apply that to PRICE.


Trade what the stock is doing... not what you “think” it will do.

IF THE PRICE CHANGES, your assessment of that asset changes.  APPLY THAT TO YOUR TRADING. A STOCK or a TRADE is only worth the current price it trades for at any given moment in time.  Leave wishful thinking to the talking heads on TV. Trade the PRICE action.  Keep your profits. Let someone else hope that it is more valuable at the time they plan to profit from it.. someday.  Trade today’s price.. not some-day’s price.